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In all Built-In models, the condenser is located behind the grille. First, remove the grille. Then using a soft bristle brush, vacuum to remove dust and lint from the condenser. NOTE: To avoid bending the condenser fins, be sure to vacuum in the direction of the fins (up and down). Clean the condenser area every three to six months.

Grille Removal

Framed and stainless steel louvered grilles: First remove the grille screws located at the bottom of the grille. NOTE: Grille screws are accessed with door(s) open. Tilt the grille forward at the top and release the springs from behind the grille, then lift it off. Refer to the illustration below.

Overlay panel grille: To remove, lift up, then pull out at the bottom and down to release from its mounting bracket. Refer to the illustration below.

Models 601R, 601RG and 601F louvered grille: Remove the two black screws in the lowest louver in the grille. Tilt the bottom of the grille out and away. It will release from the top of the grille. Refer to the illustration below.

Model 601RG stainless steel grille: Remove in a similar fashion as the overlay panel grille.

SubZero 600 Series Guide